Juicing has been a huge trend lately, and I'm a sucker for it, naturally. Because of my busy schedule, I'm always looking for the easiest (and most delicious) ways to get in the nutrients I need to stay healthy. Although juicing eliminates the much needed fiber you need in your regular diet, this drink still packs a ton of vitamins to get you through the day.

I introduce you, The Green Machine. The name comes from, well, the color, if you haven't noticed. I recently bought a cheap Juicing Machine from Amazon for about $30. Totally worth every penny. Works great for me!

Pictured on the left, you'll see the simple ingredients I use to make the Green Machine. Here's what goes into it:

Two stalks of celery

A handful of spinach and kale

Half a cucumber, sliced

One medium green apple

Two-inch piece of ginger

Lemon juice

It's super easy and only takes 5 minutes to make! The best part? The juicing machine is dishwasher safe! Praise baby Jesus! If you know me, or any one-handed person, you would know washing dishes is not our favorite thing to do.

And there you have it! I drink this every day and it makes me feel oh so good! Enjoy!

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