Today is Bruiser's 2nd birthday, and it totally shows. In dog years, he's technically 14 now, which means Bruiser is now a teenager (a teenager with attitude, that is). He's a spoiled boy, that's for sure, but I love every bit of him.

Weighing in at a whopping 45 pounds, Bruiser is what you call a "mystery mutt." We believe he's part corgi and boston terrier, and the rest is 'in the clouds,' as they say. His short, little legs are a dead giveaway there's some corgi DNA in there, but his energy tells me he's a straight-up terrier. Either way, he's full of lots of laughs and fun.

With Bruiser's birthday today, I knew I had to bake him a special dog-friendly cake. Get the recipe here.

I adopted Bruiser back in March 2014 after living by myself became quite boring and lonely. Needless to say, he's exactly what I needed. He was only 3 months old when I first brought him home, and only weighed 10 pounds (oh, how I wish he was still that tiny).

Thank you, Bruiser, for filling my life with love and always making me laugh. Although you can be challenging at times, you're a great furbaby, nonetheless.

With love,


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