Most of you won't know this about me, but I actually spent most of my childhood growing up at my grandmother's house during my parents' divorce. I loved it there. DeeDee, our nickname for her, took care of me and my brother and got us ready for school in the mornings.

I will always remember her making me banana pancakes every morning. She even put my socks on for me — that's how spoiled I was at her house.

She hasn't passed away, she's very much alive — living in Colorado now with my Aunt & Uncle. Because she needs full-time care, my family has stepped up and had her move in with them. Unfortunately for us, this only means we need to finally sell the home.

The house that meant stability for me.

We just received an offer on the house, and the moment I found out, my stomach dropped. For years I thought that house would one day be mine, but financially, it was out of my reach. I had hoped things would turn out differently, but that's life, and sometimes we just need to move on from those things. It's just a house, right? .....Right?

I don't want anyone else to live there. Such is life.

The house is mostly cleared out, sprinkled with memories and trinkets throughout the dusty rooms. I then realized there was an opportunity to shoot here, since there are only weeks before it won't be the Marine's house.

What makes this photo shoot special to me is not just the location, but what I'm wearing, too. The red hat; the long, green jacket; the heels — they're all things my grandmom wore.

I want to thank Steve of Csaw Studios for helping me bring this vision to life. The photos are beautiful and I'm glad I can have these last moments in the house I hold near to my heart.

Goodbye, Stockton Avenue.

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