The sun was beaming, and the sweat was literally dripping, but I am over the moon about our engagement photos. Yes, we married April 7th, but while I'm waiting for wedding photos, I wanted to share some never before seen photos from our engagement shoot. Photographer Grace Brown of Endless Wave Studios met us at Griggstown Grassland Preserve in New Jersey on what seemed like the hottest day of summer 2017. Jared and I hit it off with Grace right away, and we jumped into photos within minutes. She was incredibly easy to work with.

One of the challenges of modeling with a bionic arm, and something most don't even realize, is controlling where I position the arm. Naturally, I can't feel where bionic hand is, so learning to strategically place my prosthesis has been a work in progress for years, believe it or not.

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Best known as the "Bionic Model," Rebekah wears one of the most advanced prosthetic hands on the market and breaks down barriers in the mainstream fashion industry.

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