It's a match! Did you know two years ago today, Jared and I went on our first date after being matched on Bumble 3 days before? Yes, the online dating app! I had only learned about Bumble that week. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if I didn't download the app that month, or week, or even hour of the day, would I have ever crossed paths with Jared? I still find myself very lucky to have come across one of the most wonderful people I will ever know.

Just about eight months after our first date, Jared proposed to me. Some say that may be too soon, but others may agree in that sometimes you just know when you've met the right person. Jared was that person for me.

After proposing, we joined our family and friends for my 30th birthday. Little did they know, we had a special announcement to make! See the video of their reaction:

Anyone who has ever doubted fate (or online dating lol) should certainly reconsider. I have more married friends who have met through online dating apps than meeting through friends, etc. I never thought I'd marry a man who's profile I just so happened to swipe right on.

So naturally, when we married, we felt we should incorporate Bumble into our wedding day. It was an important part of our story, after all! First, we had a really simple Honey Lemon Margarita for our signature drink, topped with a wooden honeycomb stirrer. Thanks to The Carriage House for such a lovely display, too!

In addition, we had an incredible photo booth Bumble put together for us (THANK YOU!). Here are some pictures from the booth! We are so grateful for Bumble's involvement with our wedding, it truly meant a lot to us to have them a part of our wedding day.

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